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Window Cleaning Tips for Winter Working for all Window Cleaners in Wokingham

Tip 1 – Buy thermal waterproof gloves.

Tip 2 – Buy thermal trousers and underwear.

Tip 3 –  Buy a waterproof jacket.

Tip 4 – Buy waterproof trousers.

Tip 5 –  Buy waterproof boots.

Tip 6 – After a day out Window Cleaning make sure that you drain all your pipes and hose reels. Do this by disconnecting the pump inlet hose from the baffled tank outlet and allow  the pump to push air through the hose reels.

Tip 7 – Sometimes the pipes in the telescopic poles can freeze so take the poles that you use the most out of your van and leave it somewhere warm overnight.

Tip 8 – The most annoying thing is when you want to start Window Cleaning nice and early in the morning and you have to wait ages to defrost the windscreen. Save yourself the hassle by covering your windscreen with an old blanket or with a large piece of car cardboard box.

Tip 9 – Most of the time if you use a large Window Cleaning baffled tank the water will only freeze on the surface of the water so normally that will be fine. But if you use smaller 25 litre canisters for  your window cleaning make sure that you remove the canisters from your van and put them somewhere warm overnight for example in the garage or your kitchen.

Many Window Cleaners run an extension lead to the Window  Cleaning van and leave a heater running in the van overnight the benefits from this are that it stops moisture build up in the Window Cleaning van and this will in the long run prevent rust from occurring. The negative however is that this can also be expensive and could potentially get too hot and be a fire hazard.

Tip 10 – Avoid Ladders and Decking.

Window Cleaning can be a dangerous job at winter because it is harder to work in the cold and it is hard to focus in the cold, as a result accidents are a lot more likely to happen.  We highly recommend that you do not use ladders on decking. If you are using Window Cleaning telescopic poles be very careful. This option is a much safer way to clean windows than climbing ladders but decking is still incredibly slippery and the chances of slipping and falling are much higher during an icy winter.

Tip 11 – Take your Time.

Window Cleaners tend to try and rush in order to complete their work quickly and to get home. This tendency should be avoided at all cost during the winte. The reason is because driving from job to job in a van loaded with water creates a very heavy vehicle. Window Cleaning vans are heavy vehicles especially with a 500 Litre Window Cleaning tank loaded with water on icy road condition. Needless to say so the stopping distance is multiplies massively.

Tip 12 – Our final piece of advice.

Although we all hate getting behind on our work sometimes when it is raining heavy, snowing or icy conditions the best thing to do is to cancel work for that day. The reason we say this is because if you go out on a cold day and you work in the cold and wet  the chances of having an accident are much more higher and even if you don’t have an accident you can end up getting ill and if you get ill you will probably end up taking more than one day and it ends up being counter-productive. Sometimes the best thing to do is just take the day off save yourself the hassle in the long run.

Window Cleaners Wokingham 

T: 01344 266 299

M: 07979 709 606