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Guide on How to Find the Perfect Window Cleaner in Wokingham.

When looking for a new Window Cleaner in Wokingham who will be visiting the place you call home, you want someone you can trust. This free guide will help you find the perfect Window Cleaner for you in Wokingham.

When someone knocks on your door and offers to clean your windows you might be delighted to find a local Window Cleaner. Be warned; don’t rush into signing any agreement.

New home owners in particular may not know what they should be looking for when choosing a new Window Cleaner if they have never had to worry about keeping the windows clean. You need to see beyond the first impressions of the Window Cleaner, to quote the good man “ever so charming the salesman looking for custom, yet the reality may be alarming.”

Even the most experienced home owners in Wokingham will admit they’ve made a hiccup in the past by choosing a substandard Window Cleaner as a result of not really getting to know the Window Cleaner and once you have made the commitment it can be tricky and embarrassing sacking the window cleaner.

There’s no need to panic – here are the most important things to look for when choosing your new Window Cleaner in Wokingham.


How to Spot Potential Problems

There’s a whole host of possible issues to look out for, you can save yourself time & money by spotting any problems first.

These are some of the most common issues and how to recognise them.



A big concern amongst all homeowners; no one wants a Window Cleaner to just turn up randomly without any notice. This is a simple problem to solve. The trick is to ask these simple questions?

  • How often does the Window Cleaner visit?
  • Does the Window Cleaner let you know in advance that you will be visiting?
  • If no – consider another Window Cleaner
  • If yes – is the notice via telephone, SMS or email.
  • How much notice does the Window Cleaner Provide you provide?
  • Does the Window Cleaner clean any of your neighbours?

Don’t be afraid to ask for references or time to look the business up on the internet. If the Window Cleaner is irregular or not very well established, it’s likely they will try to hide it from you! You will be able to find this out on the Internet!


Potential Damage

Windows aren’t cheap to replace, so make sure you take a good look at the Window Cleaners Insurance. The insurance must cover both the public and the product that is being cleaned i.e. your expensive windows. Also make a note how long the Window Cleaners Insurance is valid.

The last thing you want is your property damaged without any cover because if the window cleaner refused to cover the damage and never turns up again there is literally nothing you will be able to do other than pay for the repair yourself. Well, you can take them to court but that will waste more time and money than it’s really worth.



If your home is an older property, ask whether the window cleaners technique is suitable for the windows.

If the windows are not properly insulated and watertight the Reach and Wash window cleaning system could cause puddles every time your windows are cleaned.

If they are lead patterned the brush on reach and wash window cleaning system can rip the lead of the glass. The lead on lead patterned windows are very difficult to replace or repair. So to save the rigmarole it is better to have them cleaned by hand.

The same applies for Georgian windows. If the beading is not strong the brush can knock them off easily.

Practical Considerations

To ensure the Window Cleaners is right for you, you need to make sure you are completely satisfied.

This can be hard to do if window Cleaners are Scarce in your part of Wokingham. You may be keen to have your windows cleaned but try to compare more than just one Window Cleaner. Call as many Window Cleaners in Wokingham and ask for as many quotes as possible.


Here are some of the biggest practical considerations you need to take into account when comparing window cleaners in Wokingham.

  • Cost
  • How does the price compare to other Window cleaners in Wokingham.
  • Payment Method
  • Cash. Decide whether you are happy to leave cash out every time you get your windows cleaned. This can be annoying if you don’t normally use cash as it may mean a time wasting trip to the cash machine.
  • Cheques can be convenient but not all window cleaners accept cheques.
  • BACS. A lot of window cleaners like to customers to pay by BACS transfer as it means that they don’t need to make a return journey to collect payment. PayPal is a similar option and a lot of window cleaners have PayPal integrated into their website.
  • Direct Debit. This is the payment method we highly recommend. Let’s be honest the window cleaning bill isn’t normally huge amount so to have the payment go out of your bank automatically is easiest for both parties. The reason being you don’t have to worry every time your windows are cleaned about making time and arrangements to pay your window cleaner, the payment goes out of your account automatically and most of the time you hardly notice.


Our final recommendations.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a Window Cleaner. Whoever you choose could potentially be cleaning your windows for decades. It’s not just about trusting your gut, it’s about asking the right questions and looking at the right things.

The biggest tip we want to leave with you is this, we recommend having a quick chat with the neighbours. They can tell you if they know great Window Cleaners that they use or know in Wokingham.


We hope our tips help you find the perfect Window Cleaner you.